Employee Onboarding for Credential Checks and Faster Productivity


Design, deploy and optimize workflows for critical employee, partner, agent and producer onboarding processes.

OnBoarding creates processes for employee onboarding of sales and channel partners and check credentials for faster time to productivity at lower costs.
  • Use a secure self-service portal
  • Enjoy end-to-end automation of recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Verify agent and producer data for background checks and accreditation in real time
  • Drive partner loyalty with self-service delivery of payments and documents

Accreditation and Licensing Checks

Get real-time verification of producer and agent data for accreditation requirements, including seamless integration with third-party registries and services such as the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

Get real-time verification of producer and agent data fo Accreditation and Licensing Checks

  • Ensure compliance with federal, local, and corporate requirements
  • Automate accreditation processing and tracking
  • Provide comprehensive auditing capabilities

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Application Tracking Portal

Take advantage of our secure online portal for employee, partner, agent and producer recruiting, communications, reporting, and data capture.

secure online portal for onboarding

  • Deliver staffing and onboarding processes more cost effectively
  • Deploy an easy-to-use web-based self-service platform
  • Track progress toward capacity required to meet revenue targets on time


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Background Checks

Verify producer and agent data for background checking requirements in real time to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Verify producer and agent data for background checking

  • Verify producer and agent data for background checking
  • Reduce risk of appointing and contracting independent agents and producers
  • Manage paper trail of key procedures and requirements for compliance

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Configurable Business Process Engine

Our flexible workflow platform can easily be customized to meet a wide range of onboarding process requirements. Flexibly configure the paper trail of key procedures and requirements for compliance.

Onboarding provides Configurable Business Process Engine feature

  • Automate core onboarding processes
  • Provide comprehensive electronic signature tracking
  • Streamline integration with the CallidusCloud suite

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Dashboards and Reports

Use a single repository for accessing all information and contracts throughout onboarding, appointing, and compensation processes, with easy-to-use integrated tracking dashboards.

easy-to-use integrated tracking dashboards

  • Gain visibility into recruiting and onboarding status
  • Track progress of onboarding and contracting against capacity targets
  • View onboarding information from a single source of truth


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Onboarding Best Practices

Pre-configured solutions for onboarding provide out-of-the-box industry best practices for rapid implementation. Automate core onboarding processes based on industry best practices.

Onboarding Best Practices

  • Reduce operational costs of adding employees, partners, producers and agents
  • Automate the most common business processes and integrations
  • Manage application paperwork and communications

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